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A High-Performance Team member candidate can be basically anyone.

I am writing this post to demonstrate that they do not need to be some kind of super-person; they do however need to be team-oriented and open to learning new ways of behaving and working.

Virtually anyone can achieve high-performance, I know, I have proven it many times.

Selection criteria

1. Mandatory criteria

Experiential. Team members have an average of five years of management experience in their chosen field.

Maturity. Team member relationships are basically healthy.

Skillsets. Team members possess specific industry knowledge and a set of appropriate skills matching

that knowledge.

Attitude. Possess a ‘give…

A curated Article on Performance Appraisals and why they are so hated and rapidly becoming yesterday’s news. I look at why so many of us are dissatisfied with the current traditional approach, history, and problems. Next, I look at the new Coaching and Development model that the corporate world, led by companies like Deloitte, Adobe, and Microsoft, are moving to, along with two case study examples on two of these companies. Finally, I discuss what companies can do to make the change.


Few institutional practices are as old or have been hated as long as the performance appraisal. Lately, though…

Unfortunately, the majority of teams suffer from common dysfunctions that degrade their performance and potential, but there are things you can do to eradicate these and at the same time significantly enhance team performance. Doing these eight things also improves your self-confidence and the respect your team members will have for you.

I was once called into a large Insurer to take over the management of an IT Technical Services department that was providing shocking service and was considered to be out of control. They had had a succession of managers with the latest being terminated just before my arrival.

“Everyone is needed, but no one is necessary.” — Bruce Coslet, Coach, Bengals.

What does it take to be a member of a High-Performance Team (HPT), who qualifies, what are the criteria — are you and your team members candidates?

The Right People

A team is made up of two types of people, the manager and team members. Whilst I have taken even the worst-performing teams all the way through to High-Performance, not everyone makes the grade.

As Jim Collins wrote in Good to Great, it is all about having the right people. The old adage ‘People are your most important asset’ is…

Only High-Performance Managers can build High-Performance Teams

Any manager can become a High-Performance Manager and can therefore go on to build a High-Performance Team. I know I have proven it many times, I cannot recall the number of managers or teams I have trained, there are simply too many.

To become a High-Performance Manager means adopting a progressive Transformational management style that is agile and growth-focused as against the common Traditional style, which is a control and command approach.

Transformational managers build High-Performance Teams and focus their efforts on pushing their team members to ever greater achievements through motivation and…

Having worked with well over 100 teams, I have learnt there are ten common reasons why teams fail to develop to their full potential. These reasons are simple in nature and are something every manager needs to know how to recognise and fix. This article provides you with precisely that, a guide to why teams fail and what you can do about it.


Teams fail for concrete reasons, and there is no great mystery as to what the reasons are. So here I provide a short explanation of the team dynamics that cause team dysfunctions. There is a common factor…

People who are not in a management position simply do not understand how much effort, skill and knowledge is required to do the job and be a good manager at the same time. Whilst being a manager is by and large highly satisfying, it is not easy, it is filled with a huge variety of daily challenges and stresses and takes a particular type of person to do it well. …

Jim Collins in Good to Great said that you need to get the right people on the bus, then the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats and only then do you figure out where to drive it. I don’t agree with the last point, you can in fact know where you want to drive the bus before you recruit and select the right people.

This then begs the question as to what are your reasons for wanting a bus, that is, a High-Performance Team? Also, what personal and professional goals do you have…

Learning how your gut works, how to recognize patterns, and how to trust your gut can help you make better decisions. “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”


This post describes how gut reactions work, the link with intuition, and how experience and practising trusting your gut can help you make better decisions.

The old saying “trust your gut” refers to trusting your feelings, your intuition, trusting your inner voice; with the “gut reaction” or “gut feeling” being more profound than your conscious mind. Gut feeling is intuition, which can be a…

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