Build your own HPT. Why bother? — High-Performance Teams

High-Performance Teams are different.

A High-Performance Team, on the other hand:

  • Is defined as a group of people with specific roles, complementary talents and skills that are constantly redefined and are aligned with and committed to a common purpose.
  • They consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, are regarded as tight-knit, focused on their goal and have supportive processes.
  • People are highly skilled and can interchange their roles.
  • Leadership within the team is not vested in a single individual.
  • The Leadership role is taken up by various team members, according to need at the time.
  • They have robust methods of resolving conflict efficiently.
  • There is a sense of clear focus and intense energy.
  • Collectively, the team has its own consciousness, indicating shared norms and values.
  • The team feels a strong sense of accountability for achieving their goals
  • Team members display high levels of mutual trust towards each other.

Problems with your current team?



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Russell Futcher

Russell Futcher


IT Change Management, High-Performance Management and Teams Specialist, Leadership Development, Team Building, Author